FAA Approved Repair Station For MT-Propellers

We are proud to be a factory approved distributor and service center for MT-Propellers.

MT-Propeller produces a full line of fixed pitch, electric and hydraulic variable pitch propellers in 2 to 6 blades, constant speed, feathering and reversing.

A Quote From MT-Propeller About Their Propellers

“The blades of our variable pitch propellers are based on a proven design, which has been invented in the 30’s by a group of top engineers in Berlin, Germany and was used on many European WWII aircrafts. Over the years the original design has been improved and above all modernized.

Nowadays the durable and all-weather operable variable pitch propeller blades are designed on the computer and manufactured by CNC (CAD/CAM) for highest quality and efficiency.

The blade root is made out of high compressed beech wood and bolted to an aluminum ferrule with special design lag screws. The outer part of the blade body is made out of multiple laminated spruce wood, which is tapered into the high compressed wood in the carbon fiber for an increased strength and as a protection against erosion and moisture. The polar moment of inertia is about half compared to aluminum blades, which means less engine loads (especially when performing aerobatics) and additionally a smooth, turbine-like run. There is also no fatigue problem and the blades are serviceable unlimited times as the dimensions do not change during an overhaul and the performance doesn’t change afterwards, either. Additionally our technology is very flexible in regards to update a present blade design or to develop a complete new blade design specifically for a certain aircraft or engine in a relative short amount of time as today often required for new design aircrafts or engines. Another advantage is the possibility of rebuilding propeller blades for vintage aircrafts like i.e. Focke-Wulf 190 or the Spitfire, if the original ones are no longer serviceable due to bad storage or damage.

The blade’s leading edge is additionally protected by a bonded-on in the blade profile integrated stainless steel erosion sheath. We have successfully completed ice impact and simulated bird strike tests at the University of Dayton as an additional prove of the standard equipment for applications like i.e.. Piper Malibu or Mooney M20K.

The propeller hub is manufactured out of aerospace aluminum and a few out of steel. All aluminum parts are anodized and all corrosive steel parts are cadmium plated. For sea applications all external parts are additionally painted.

Spinner Assemblies and full installation kits are available in different designs and dimensions for both variable and fixed pitch propellers. Spinner domes are made out of Kevlar/fiberglass.” © MT-Propeller

Need a new propeller designed for a special need? MT is more than eager to assist. Need a prop on a float plane with zero thrust locks so you can start the engine prior to leaving the dock? MT engineered it on the fly without increasing the delivery lead time or price. Now that is customer service!

Their natural composite blades are less susceptible to engine vibrations when compared to aluminum ones so they are able to certify a new blade or prop in less time than metal blades. If they engineer a new blade design that is more efficient, a simple change to the computer program that mills the blades and they are in production within hours versus months to years to make a new aluminum blade forging. I have sold several propellers that have had some rather radical blade shapes in comparison to aluminum blades and have never had one returned due to lack of performance.

Want a polished look spinner on your MT prop? Their new HIGLO finish is available on their spinners which gives them the chrome look with the longevity, durability and strength of Kevlar/fiberglass.

You can’t go wrong with an MT-Propeller!

There is so much information available that is beyond the scope of this website, it would take a complete website to show it. You can visit the MT website here.

If you need a propeller for a special application, they have a questionnaire they would like filled out and that can be found here.